Terms And Conditions

  1. Internet Pasanga App/Website created for people should not believe the fake news spread on social networking sites.
  2. Raises awareness about social issues and helps to find solutions to those problems. It was not created for entertainment
  3. In this application, each user post creation is limited by supercoins. Once supercoins are exhausted, that user will not be able to create a post. Those supercoins will be refunded by the value of the post
  4. Tags are defined as two types, that's districts list and categorys. district tags, create post for particular places and categories for specific fields
  5. Report option and Command option will be help know about the post.
  6. Every user activity will be monitored. If the user create unwanted post, command, reports, that user account will be deactivated by admin at any time.
  7. This application is designed for our state of Tamil Nadu only. And This is not for a child under 18 years of age